[typo] Deploying Ruby on Rails Applications

Scott Likens damm at livid.dk
Wed Jul 16 20:17:52 EDT 2008

On Jul 16, 2008, at 3:36 PM, Chet Farmer wrote:

> Scott,
> You persist in answering questions that I'm not asking. At this  
> point, I won't give a damn about Typo deployment again until some  
> time *after* the bug fixes I require are deployed, if then.
> Your ongoing insistence that Typo/Ruby IS TOO! easy to set up and  
> run is, well, tiresome. Please stop.
>> Unfortunately things change rapidly, things are updated, bug fixes  
>> made.  Some Linux distributions run on a 6-month Release Cycle, so  
>> in 6-months they play catchup and update all the things that they  
>> can.  They miss somethings, however that's not here nor there.  My  
>> knee-jerk solution is if LAMP is so easy to deploy, then why not  
>> use it? or why not use Perl or Python?
> Seriously? You're going there? "If (other thing) is so much better,  
> just USE IT!" Do you not realize how petulant that sounds? Are you  
> going to take your ball and go home now?

It's not my ball, it's everyone else's ball.  I do not suffer the  
problem of a 6-month release cycle, or how painful Ruby on Rails is to  
deploy.  I realize I don't see your pain, so perhaps if you could  
actually write up a way we could make this easier for you?  Because  
clearly I don't get it, and won't get it.  So instead of venting your  
frustration the way you are, please educate us.

>> It's unfortunate that MarsEdit was one of your Hanging Chads... I  
>> never got around to buying a License of MarsEdit, I just couldn't  
>> be bothered with it, I would rather write in TextMate and then copy  
>> and paste.
> Post-from-local-client is a core requirement for me. Cut and paste  
> is for the birds. With Blosxom, I wrote in TextMate and saved.  
> That's it. A cron'd rsync did my posting for me. With proper support  
> for the XML-PRC stuff, I can do that again with Typo; it works with  
> WP and MT just fine via anything that supports that interface,  
> including MarsEdit and TextMate via the blogging bundle.

Sounds like an excellent feature to be proposed for Typo then.  The  
proper XML-RPC Support so you can post from TextMate.

>> However one of my long standing issues with Typo has been ... *drum  
>> roll* how I have to insert <br>'s into my posts because I included  
>> a html tag, and somehow it broke the whole mess.  So either I can  
>> have badly formatted posts that look worse then my emails ... or I  
>> can force a line break every here and there so make it look cleaner.
> There are lots of ways to solve this. I post in Markdown.

I use Textile and I guess that's why I have that problem.

>> I do admit though that Frédéric responded slow on the Typo 5.0 Beta  
>> (Rails 2) release to my dismay, I lost my typo install twice due to  
>> a cache error, and it took several more people to have the same  
>> problem before it was even brought up.  But overall he try's and  
>> that's what counts.
> Try that statement at work and see how far you get.
> Don't get me wrong; I appreciate  Frederic's answers very much --  
> and, not to put too fine a point on it, his English is better than  
> yours -- but eventually I'll make a choice based on function and  
> support, not how hard the maintainers are trying.

Then I will stop bothering now, because it's clear that I am wasting  
my time.

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