[typo] Deploying Ruby on Rails Applications

Scott Likens damm at livid.dk
Wed Jul 16 18:23:35 EDT 2008

On Jul 16, 2008, at 6:38 AM, Chet Farmer wrote:

> Beats me. Perhaps you should refer to the first portion of my reply  
> to you last night.
> It's clearly a problem, though. It's also a problem that the purpose  
> of Mongrel isn't made clear; you just have to take on faith that  
> it's something you need to do based on the sketchy installation guide.

After reading your posts I'm not sure if you are using Debian, or  
what... however Here's a few articles courtesy of the folks at mongrel.


(Formatting seems to be off on the last 2) however you get the idea.

> It's definitely Ruby's problem if PHP, Perl, Python, etc., are all  
> running fine out of the box.
> Here, you're defaulting back to a knee-jerk defense of what is  
> clearly your pet language. That has no place here. Compared to LAMP- 
> stack stuff, RoR applications are much harder to set up and deploy.  
> They require a totally different approach, and that approach is very  
> poorly documented. This isn't a controversial statement.

Do  you have the latest version of Python 2.5? what if you want to  
deploy a Django application that requires Python 2.5? and some feature  
that was not included in your build of python.  knee-jerk defense  
about Perl... it hasn't been updated in 2years? So let's disclude that  
from the discussion.  If your Linux distribution is running an version  
older then 5.8.4 (current is 5.8.8) you should be pretty much shot.

Unfortunately things change rapidly, things are updated, bug fixes  
made.  Some Linux distributions run on a 6-month Release Cycle, so in  
6-months they play catchup and update all the things that they can.   
They miss somethings, however that's not here nor there.  My knee-jerk  
solution is if LAMP is so easy to deploy, then why not use it? or why  
not use Perl or Python?

I admit I love the beauty of the Ruby Language, however if there's  
something out there that does the same job as Typo and is easier to  
deploy and works "better" then I say go ahead.

It's unfortunate that MarsEdit was one of your Hanging Chads... I  
never got around to buying a License of MarsEdit, I just couldn't be  
bothered with it, I would rather write in TextMate and then copy and  

However one of my long standing issues with Typo has been ... *drum  
roll* how I have to insert <br>'s into my posts because I included a  
html tag, and somehow it broke the whole mess.  So either I can have  
badly formatted posts that look worse then my emails ... or I can  
force a line break every here and there so make it look cleaner.

I do admit though that Frédéric responded slow on the Typo 5.0 Beta  
(Rails 2) release to my dismay, I lost my typo install twice due to a  
cache error, and it took several more people to have the same problem  
before it was even brought up.  But overall he try's and that's what  

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