[typo] Deploying Ruby on Rails Applications (was: Re: Can't update feeds?)

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Wed Jul 16 14:42:07 EDT 2008

Le 16 juil. 08 à 15:43, Chet Farmer a écrit :

> On Jul 16, 2008, at 6:04 AM, Scott Likens wrote:
>> Which portion of the documentation needs to be revised? FastCGI?  
>> Mongrel?
> Honestly, all of it. I know that's a broad answer, but it's the  
> truth. Compare the installation experience of a LAMP stack tool to  
> Typo's and you'll see the huge gap.
> In particular, deeper descriptions of why Mongrel needs to be  
> involved, what the alternatives to a Mongrel configuration are, and  
> why one might choose one approach over the other are ALL questions  
> that need to be addressed. I made that clear in my prior post.
>> Typo is imo extremely easy to deploy and get up in running in under  
>> 5 minutes.
> Here, you're just plain wrong.
>> If your having a problem deploying typo please elaborate and tell  
>> us what the problem is with you deploying Typo so we can help you  
>> deploy it?
> I had problems getting mine to run, that's certainly true. But at  
> this point my Typo runs (just not in the way I really want it do;  
> the machine can't also run Apache -- as, again, I've made clear  
> before).
> My issues are bugs in Typo. If I can't get those bugs resolved,  
> Typo's quirky and difficult installation issues will become  
> academic, as I'll have to migrate to something else. The important  
> bugs to ME are:
> -- my feeds do not dynamically update. They get created when first  
> requested, but are then frozen in amber.
> -- Typo does not work properly with MarsEdit or other stand-alone  
> editors. This is a show-stopper for me.
> I also have some other outstanding questions regarding updating my  
> Typo, and verifying the version I have, but those are in another  
> mail I posted early yesterday, I believe, and are part of a dialog  
> with Frederic.
> - How do I verify what version of Typo I have?
> - How is it best to upgrade Typo? What specific steps should be  
> taken, and why?
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First, sorry if I took the day replying to you, I couldn't reach my  
email before. I'll try to be quick because I have to finish the next  
stable version I plan to release next sunday.

– The lack of Typo doc :
This thread just made me realize we don't have any documentation about  
upgrading Typo. This needs to be written and added both on the website  
and a static UPGRADE file coming along with Typo. I'll try to do this  
tonight if I don t fall asleep, I really had a hard day. I'll aso  
complete the existing install docs and make clearer how to access the  
on the website. They are a little bit confusing and not clear enough.  
I someone wants to proofread, he will be welcomed. Remember English is  
not my mother's language.

I think the lack of install docs come from my 3 weak points :
. There are lots of docs that teach to install a Rails app along the  
web, but they are not dedicated to Typo.
. I've been doing sysadmin for 10 years now, so I don't find this  
diffucult at all, and c/p some configuration file is generally enough  
to me.
. I'm not very good at writing English while having writen many docs  
about Typo install in French.

– The mars edit bugs :
They've been fixed in the trunk last week. I now need to find out how  
I can add tags and everything will be OK. The reason why it was  
brocken was easy : I had never used desktop clients until 2 weeks ago,  
when I started to close bugs.

– The caching bugs :
Almost all of them were fixed in the 5.0.4b2, the remaining ones were  
fixed in trunk. I'm going to do extensive caching tests before  
releasing to see if everything is OK. I really don't like maintaining  
2 caches modes, but Piers Cawley, my co maintener, really want to do so.

BTW, I must disagree with Typo not being able to handle a large trafic  
blog. Since it serves static HTML files, it's not a problem at all.  
I've been doing some tests on 1.000.000 pages view / day with a  
comment (and so cache sweeping) every 5 minutes, and my server handled  
it very well. Even a bit more than a Wordpress blog since Wordpress  
cache doesn't serve static HTML files and needs to call some PHP to  
know what it need to serve.

– For Scott questions :
. Typo version is the footer of your admin page, and this information  
comes from lib/typo_version.rb
. It depends on how you run it. My favourite methode is just overwrite  
Typo files, restart the application and rake RAILS_ENV=production  
db:migrate. If you're running the installer, update your Typo gem, and  
then typo upgrade some/path, then restart and rake. This question just  
made me want to add an upgrade form where you can just upload typo- 
some-version.tar.gz which will unpack itself in your RAILS root.

– For the next week :
There is a few things I want to do before releasing. If someone has a  
few hours to help, this will be greatly appreciated.
. write (or proofread) install / upgrade doc
. add tags support on desktop client api
. add a nice form for our import from another blogware plugin, better  
than command line.
. fix bugs
. finish to work on Typogarden with Damien, who now controls it.
. update language files for translators
. add maybe add 1-2 nice features I have in mind.

Hope this have helped

Frédéric de Villamil
frederic at de-villamil.com                        tel: +33 (0)6 62 19 1337
http://fredericdevillamil.com             Typo : http://typosphere.org

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