[typo] Deploying Ruby on Rails Applications

Rodger Donaldson rodgerd at diaspora.gen.nz
Wed Jul 16 03:14:39 EDT 2008

Chet Farmer wrote:
>> Now, there's no real difference with Mongrel/Webrick if you run nginx 
>> or Apache or lighttpd.  It works, it's well documented and takes the 
>> most amount of memory (actually all of them really take the same 
>> amount of memory, you just don't see the ruby process hanging around 
>> using up 140megs of memory).
> Um, no. It is NOT well documented, or, if it is, those documents are not 
> easy to find. 

I'll certainly agree with that.  Getting mongrel working with mod_proxy 
was essentially an exercise in Google and reading blogs.

>> It doesn't make it better, or worse or anything.  (It scales horribly 
>> also for those of you who are talking about scaling).
> Actually, "easy to deploy" DOES earn an app significant points with 
> pretty much any administrator I know. I consider that "better."

Yes.  And, frankly, Ruby + gems on most Linux distros is in such a state 
that I end up maintaining my own Ruby install from source.  Given the 
pain of the recent security holes (for example), I find that this is 
actually driving me to think I should can it and go for the same suite 
of PHP apps as everyone else.

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