[typo] Can't update feeds?

Chet Farmer chet at nogators.com
Tue Jul 15 10:03:07 EDT 2008

On Jul 12, 2008, at 5:02 PM, de Villamil Frédéric wrote:

>> Well, Robert was replying to me; it's my frustration with Typo he's  
>> addressing.
> 2 feedbacks are still better than one, thank you for yours

Hey, glad to. BTW, I'm gonna go ahead and address this:

> Hope this will, haven't written a so long mail in English for ages,  
> hope I didn't do too much mistakes

Your English is very, very good. I don't have any trouble  
understanding you.

>> My first real issue with it is the complexity of its installation,  
>> and the requirements it imposes if you want to run it on the same  
>> box with Apache (i.e., the proxying thing with Mongrel). I found  
>> little in the way of informative installation instructions; mostly  
>> I saw step-by-step guides that explained nothing beyond "do A, B,  
>> and C".
> There are actually lots of way to run Typo, or any Rails app. Let's  
> say :
> – Apache + mongrel
> – Apache + mod_rails (my favourite, and the easiest way imho, just  
> run mod_rails 1.5 since 1.9 and beyond have issues with the memory).  
> Check at http://typosphere.org/2007/08/26/install-typo#apache_modrails
> – Apache + fastcgi
> – Nginx + thin
> – Nginx + mongrel
> – Lighttpd + thin
> – Ligthtpd + mongrel
> – Lighttpd + fastcgo
> And I may forget some of them.

Well, if there's some great documentation for installing it under  
mod_rails, I'd love to see it -- I'll check out the link you provide.  
I just didn't find much along those lines when I went to install Typo  
initially. Right now, it's on a Slicehost instance with no Apache, but  
I'd love to be able to run other stuff under an Apache instance there.

>> But that's a basic architecture thing. The Typo leaders decided to  
>> build it this way, despite the extra complexity it demands over a  
>> traditional LAMP-stack-in-a-VHost type deployment. Mileage varies,  
>> and all that.
> The traditionnal LAMP stack implies you're using PHP. Typo is Ruby  
> on Rails, and  thus, was a bit more difficult to deploy until  
> recently. Check mod_rails at http://modrails.com, these guys may  
> help you going to simplicity LAMR-in-a-vhost.

Sure, but "LAMP" has been extended to mean most Linux + Apache + (some  
open source DB) + (some interprested language). I've seen stuff with  
Perl or Python plus Postgres referred to as "LAMP" b/c the  
installation was a simple matter of bringing up another virtual host  
under apache and installing the right module. Follow?

Typo is part of a whole different tradition (the Rails world). I don't  
fault it just because of that; I just dislike the additional complexity.

>> My major complaints with Typo itself are three-fold:
>> First, that it does not play nice with MarsEdit or any other local  
>> blogging client.
> It's at the same time a bug AND an absent feature.
> – The categories issue has been fixed in the trunk and this will be  
> in the next release, if not already (I'm damn too much lazy to check  
> now)
> – The tags is a missing feature, mostly because the guy who added  
> them was not blogging using an external client and then didn't think  
> about them. I myself never used such a client until recently, for  
> debugging purpose. And guess what, it was for the above point.

So should I expect both of these to get resolved, or no?

>> Second, I can't for the life of me figure out how to get my feeds  
>> to work; see my other posts for more information there.
> We've been having lots of cache issues which have been fixed in the  
> trunk, and the lateste release as well. Try to manually remove your  
> feed files from public/. It should be articles.rss or articles.atom,  
> don't know which ones you use. These bugs made me realize I really  
> should extend our tests coverage.

Well, doing so brought my feeds up to date, but the feed fell behind  
again the minute I posted something new -- i.e., new articles don't  
show up in the feed, so the problem is still there.

Does Typo not have a 100% dynamic mode?

>> Third, it's not at all clear to me how to upgrade. I thought I'd  
>> done it, but my site still reports an old version number.
> It's actually pretty easy. I've always written doc on how to install  
> Typo, not about how to upgrade it. Another thing added to my TODO  
> list before the next release. I wish days were 50 hours.
> Don't know how you installed typo, but you can just unpack Typo in  
> your current directory and have it overwrite your old apps files.  
> Restart your application and run rake db:migrate  
> RAILS_ENV=production if you're running in production mode (and  
> please, do it, it's VERY important since you won't be able for that  
> time to access the database upgrade page in your admin)

How can I verify my Typo version?

>> Any help you can give me would be appreciated! I'd prefer to avoid  
>> WordPress and Moveable Type given what I know about either  
>> platform, but my frustrations with Typo make staying with it a  
>> challenge.
> I stopped using wordpress which I was a contributor since the B2 era  
> for typo because I was so much pissed off with it.

Honestly, the real alternative isn't WP. It's either MT or Drupal.

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