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Delivering a patch would imply that I could actually write Ruby code  
which I would love to be able to do at some point but my brain is  
currently stuck in C#, Java and Python...

Like I said (or hoped to at least imply) in my email I've been  
following Typo but haven't actually used it after my first attempt  
over a year ago (much has changed). It still intrigues me so I am  
writing back. I am hopeful that Typo will continue to improve as it  
has over the past year.

The biggest issues that I had involved installation and configuration.  
Rails applications a year ago were not well supported in shared  
hosting environments which I was using at the time. I know that  
progress has been made by Engine Yard and others on this but it isn't  
a standard setup. That isn't a Typo issue at all.

The lack of support for client software was a killer. Obviously you've  
done quite a bit of work on that.

As you noted in your response to Chet there have been caching issues  
which, while recently fixed, have been annoying. There seems (my  
current perception which may not be grounded in fact) to be one issue  
similar to that every two or three "releases" that get quickly fixed  
but affect users.

One thing that seems odd to me is that for what seems to be one of the  
top three blog server applications written in Rails (see Mephisto and  
Radiant) the level of traffic on the list seems really, really low.  
The apparent level of interest makes me take a second look and wonder  

Compared to full-blown CMS applications such as Joomla and Drupal the  
feature set is pretty small.

Ruby doesn't scale :)


On Jul 12, 2008, at 2:43 AM, de Villamil Frédéric wrote:

> Le 10 juil. 08 à 20:20, Robert Sanford a écrit :
>> Apologies. This was intended as a private message to another member.
>> rjsjr
> Don't apologize, this is quite interesting. One of my jobs as a QA  
> manager is just to get feedback from unsatisfied users in order to  
> improve the application, and you just seem to fit the role. So  
> please, tell me more, I'm really looking forward reading what can be  
> improved here. I would have prefered a patch, but some feedback will  
> be OK too.
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