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de Villamil Frédéric frederic at de-villamil.com
Sat Jul 12 18:02:52 EDT 2008

> Well, Robert was replying to me; it's my frustration with Typo he's  
> addressing.

2 feedbacks are still better than one, thank you for yours

> My first real issue with it is the complexity of its installation,  
> and the requirements it imposes if you want to run it on the same  
> box with Apache (i.e., the proxying thing with Mongrel). I found  
> little in the way of informative installation instructions; mostly I  
> saw step-by-step guides that explained nothing beyond "do A, B, and  
> C".

There are actually lots of way to run Typo, or any Rails app. Let's  
say :
– Apache + mongrel
– Apache + mod_rails (my favourite, and the easiest way imho, just run  
mod_rails 1.5 since 1.9 and beyond have issues with the memory). Check  
at http://typosphere.org/2007/08/26/install-typo#apache_modrails
– Apache + fastcgi
– Nginx + thin
– Nginx + mongrel
– Lighttpd + thin
– Ligthtpd + mongrel
– Lighttpd + fastcgo

And I may forget some of them.

> But that's a basic architecture thing. The Typo leaders decided to  
> build it this way, despite the extra complexity it demands over a  
> traditional LAMP-stack-in-a-VHost type deployment. Mileage varies,  
> and all that.

The traditionnal LAMP stack implies you're using PHP. Typo is Ruby on  
Rails, and  thus, was a bit more difficult to deploy until recently.  
Check mod_rails at http://modrails.com, these guys may help you going  
to simplicity LAMR-in-a-vhost.

> My major complaints with Typo itself are three-fold:
> First, that it does not play nice with MarsEdit or any other local  
> blogging client. I'm coming to Typo from a long-term Blosxom install  
> where I wrote in TextMate and rsync'd my posts, and picked Typo  
> because I thought I'd be able to use ME or even TM's own blogging  
> bundle. Unfortunately, neither categories nor tags work properly via  
> these clients, pushing me back into the web editor. That's annoying.  
> I have the online features I wanted but couldn't get with Blosxom  
> (mostly comment-related), but have lost functionality w/r/t my  
> actual posting mechanism.

It's at the same time a bug AND an absent feature.
– The categories issue has been fixed in the trunk and this will be in  
the next release, if not already (I'm damn too much lazy to check now)
– The tags is a missing feature, mostly because the guy who added them  
was not blogging using an external client and then didn't think about  
them. I myself never used such a client until recently, for debugging  
purpose. And guess what, it was for the above point.

> Second, I can't for the life of me figure out how to get my feeds to  
> work; see my other posts for more information there.

We've been having lots of cache issues which have been fixed in the  
trunk, and the lateste release as well. Try to manually remove your  
feed files from public/. It should be articles.rss or articles.atom,  
don't know which ones you use. These bugs made me realize I really  
should extend our tests coverage.

> Third, it's not at all clear to me how to upgrade. I thought I'd  
> done it, but my site still reports an old version number.

It's actually pretty easy. I've always written doc on how to install  
Typo, not about how to upgrade it. Another thing added to my TODO list  
before the next release. I wish days were 50 hours.

Don't know how you installed typo, but you can just unpack Typo in  
your current directory and have it overwrite your old apps files.  
Restart your application and run rake db:migrate RAILS_ENV=production  
if you're running in production mode (and please, do it, it's VERY  
important since you won't be able for that time to access the database  
upgrade page in your admin)

> Any help you can give me would be appreciated! I'd prefer to avoid  
> WordPress and Moveable Type given what I know about either platform,  
> but my frustrations with Typo make staying with it a challenge.

I stopped using wordpress which I was a contributor since the B2 era  
for typo because I was so much pissed off with it.
Hope this will, haven't written a so long mail in English for ages,  
hope I didn't do too much mistakes


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