[typo] Can't update feeds?

Chet Farmer chet at nogators.com
Sat Jul 12 14:47:19 EDT 2008

On Jul 12, 2008, at 2:43 AM, de Villamil Frédéric wrote:
> Don't apologize, this is quite interesting. One of my jobs as a QA  
> manager is just to get feedback from unsatisfied users in order to  
> improve the application, and you just seem to fit the role. So  
> please, tell me more, I'm really looking forward reading what can be  
> improved here. I would have prefered a patch, but some feedback will  
> be OK too.
> -- 
> Frédéric de Villamil

Well, Robert was replying to me; it's my frustration with Typo he's  

My first real issue with it is the complexity of its installation, and  
the requirements it imposes if you want to run it on the same box with  
Apache (i.e., the proxying thing with Mongrel). I found little in the  
way of informative installation instructions; mostly I saw step-by- 
step guides that explained nothing beyond "do A, B, and C".

But that's a basic architecture thing. The Typo leaders decided to  
build it this way, despite the extra complexity it demands over a  
traditional LAMP-stack-in-a-VHost type deployment. Mileage varies, and  
all that.

My major complaints with Typo itself are three-fold:

First, that it does not play nice with MarsEdit or any other local  
blogging client. I'm coming to Typo from a long-term Blosxom install  
where I wrote in TextMate and rsync'd my posts, and picked Typo  
because I thought I'd be able to use ME or even TM's own blogging  
bundle. Unfortunately, neither categories nor tags work properly via  
these clients, pushing me back into the web editor. That's annoying. I  
have the online features I wanted but couldn't get with Blosxom  
(mostly comment-related), but have lost functionality w/r/t my actual  
posting mechanism.

Second, I can't for the life of me figure out how to get my feeds to  
work; see my other posts for more information there.

Third, it's not at all clear to me how to upgrade. I thought I'd done  
it, but my site still reports an old version number.

Any help you can give me would be appreciated! I'd prefer to avoid  
WordPress and Moveable Type given what I know about either platform,  
but my frustrations with Typo make staying with it a challenge.


Chet Farmer
Houston, TX

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