[typo] Release of Typo 5.0.2

Vince W. ruby-forum-incoming at andreas-s.net
Tue Jan 29 22:57:22 EST 2008

Ryan Rickerts wrote:
> Vince W. wrote:
>> Emptying the sidebars table solved it for me so perhaps that is a 
>> solution as well.
> I also deleted the sidebars out my old db to start from scratch.  Now 
> can you add any new sidebars?

I can add sidebars.. I haven't had much trouble with Typo since I 
emptied that table.  I found that many of the templates were not quite 
working as expected and I had to hack around with one of them to get it 
working but the default template worked fine iirc.  I'm on Rail 2.0.2 if 
that makes a difference.

PS: v5 is a huge improvement over v4 so my thanks to the developers!
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