[typo] Caching problems with Typo 5.0.2

Paul Carey paul.p.carey at gmail.com
Sat Feb 2 14:13:34 EST 2008


I'm still seeing caching issues that puzzle me, but maybe what I see is
expected behaviour.

After installing typo and publishing an article, the contents of the blog
landing page are written to public/index.html. However, after I modify the
article and save, public/index.html is not updated and old content is
served. Is this correct?

Similarly, after publishing the first article I checked Article and Comments
on the Syndication plugin. Pages that I hadn't previously accessed display
the sidebar correctly. Those that I accessed before updating the plugin do
not contain the feed links.

On my previous installation I had observed similar behaviour and so deleted
out-of-date files from the public dir. This fixed the caching issue but
pages were never written out to disk again.

Clicking Empty Fragment Cache, running typo sweep_cache and rake sweep_cache
have had no effect.

I'd be very grateful if someone could point out whether this behaviour is as
expected, or whether I might have mis-configured something.

Kind regards


On Jan 29, 2008 11:20 PM, Paul Carey <paul.p.carey at gmail.com> wrote:

> I deleted everything in typo/public that had a datestamp after the
> installation time. Nothing seems to be cached erroneously any longer.
> Regards
> Paul
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