[typo] Articles feed not working (5.0.3)?

Tim Prentis ruby-forum-incoming at andreas-s.net
Wed Aug 20 15:21:59 EDT 2008

RE: nil.email

I found my problem pointed to model file 'article.rb' in the method

  def rss_author(xml)
    if link_to_author?
      xml.author("#{user.email} (#{user.name})")

Since we are showing the sidebar "Syndicate' module on a web page that 
the 'user' is not logged in, I can see where we would end up with 

So, I decided to replace the original method in the model 'article.rb' 
with this:

  def rss_author(xml)
      xml.author author

Since this method is in a model, I bounced the server.

The RSS feed display is now rendering, however Internet Explorer is 
complaining with:

'Internet Explorer was unable to update this feed and will try again 

but Firefox seems to handle it quite nicely.

- Tim
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