[typo] Problems with upgrade

William Ross will at spanner.org
Mon Aug 11 15:42:37 EDT 2008

On 11 Aug 2008, at 19:51, Anton J Aylward wrote:

> William Ross said the following on 11/08/08 02:29 PM:
>> I've just been through a quick typo install procedure to see what  
>> the  fuss is all about, and if I were you I would keep it but cut  
>> it back:  create the directory tree and leave the application ready  
>> to run, but  don't try and populate the database. Let them choose  
>> their own  database and migrate it. Half the time the setup will  
>> fail on  permissions anyway, and by being more conventional you'll  
>> be able to  direct people to standard documentation rather than  
>> having to support  them yourself.
> Sounds good to me.
> That should simplify upgrade as well :-(

It certainly ought to. Typo has a fairly comprehensive up-and- 
downgrade mechanism, though. I can see why the project would be  
reluctant to let it go (even if the examples do refer to Rails 1.1.6!)

> Just one thing.  Standard and system documentation is fine for  
> standard and system stuff.  But you are going to have to make some  
> specific stuff well documented.  By that I mean things like  
> dependencies.

i always prefer to delegate that sort of thing if at all possible. Not  
that it's anything to do with me in this case. Things are more  
difficult at the moment because Rails is presenting quite a shifting  
target - everyone managing applications of any size had to do quite a  
lot of work for 2 and now has to do it again for 2.1 (which is much  
nicer, though), or is putting it off - but my own taste is for a  
single large dependency rather than many small ones. Probably another  
leftover perl habit: with CPAN modules you tend to require one and get  
fifty, but the chain of delegated responsibility makes local  
management much easier.

> I'm not going to bother trying to find out if the requirement for  
> sqlite1.2.2 rather than 1.2.1 is a real one or an artefact for the  
> packaging since my real problem is getting the UPGRADE running on  
> Dreamhost, and that was both the start of this thread and nothing to  
> do with drivers.

That did sound annoying. It sounds like the problem arises when typo  
calls rails-app-installer. The installer-helper tries to be all things  
to all people and initialises lots of configuration that it then  
doesn't use. I don't know why it should insist on SQLite 1.2.2: it  
must be a packaging artefact, as you suggest, because the gem only  
specifies sqlite3-ruby >= 1.1.0.

As far as I can tell, all it really does is create a database.yml and  
run rake db:migrate, which radiant or mephisto would require you to do  
anyway. I can't help thinking the app might be better off without it.

And I'm sorry that my previous message was a bit broad in its  
generalisations. Of course everyone has a legitimate frustration as  
well. It's just that the developer's frustration is usually much the  
greater. I must have had some left over :)



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