[typo] Problems with upgrade

Anton J Aylward aja at si.on.ca
Mon Aug 11 14:43:32 EDT 2008

William Ross said the following on 11/08/08 02:12 PM:
> It's bizarre, isn't it, how angry people get when you give them  
> software for free?

Yes, and its strange how people accept poor quality s/w just cost its
from a large, faceless corporation.

> It takes months of hard work to create something like Typo and many  
> more to keep it useful and up to date, and then people fling angry  
> messages around and make insulting remarks because they had to install  
> a database driver, 

Wait one moment.
I already had drivers installed.  I already have working RoR
applications using both MySQL and SQlite.

This thread, if you will note, began with nothing to do with the
drivers.  It had and still has as its subject "Problems with upgrade".
The problems arose when I tried to upgrade my version of Typo 4.0.3
running with MySQL, following the instructions on the Wiki.  No database
driver problems but a host of other problems.

Since I'm not ignorant of SDLC I tried installing via the GEM and also
via the tarz-ball on my laptop.  That laptop already had the drivers
installed, as I've pointed out, and RoR applications working that use
both sets of drivers.  I had no reason to suspect that drivers would be
a problem.

Frederic admitted to a typographic error in the Wiki.  Thank you, that
helped me make progress - some - as far as the laptop went but didn't
solve the original problem.

I've asked for a dependency list to be documented and was told that
documentation was too much trouble.

If the documentation had specified a dependency on sqlite-1.2.2 I could
have checked my libraries and see that I had a 1.2.1 and known I needed
to upgrade.  No such documentation existed.  Not such discussion or note
in the README or CHANGES explains why the later drivers were needed.
Perhaps they're not functionally needed needed, perhaps they are an
artefact of the way the gem was packaged.  Without documentation how can
we know?

> or because the software didn't allow for the fact  
> that they've got no idea what they're doing. 

Of course I don't know - its not documented and I can't find it in
package.  I can't read Frederic's mind and I don't have access to his
machine to look-see.

I do have the instructions in the Wiki to follow and have followed them
and come to grief.  You can think of this as "debugging".  That to is
contributing, even if it does look like finding fault and being
critical.  Its arrogant to assume that everyone involved in a project is
going to be a coder.
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