[typo] Problems with upgrade

William Ross will at spanner.org
Mon Aug 11 14:12:04 EDT 2008

On 11 Aug 2008, at 17:58, de Villamil Frédéric wrote:

> I've been recently thinking in 3 directions :
> – embedding all the dependencies in vendor/gem, but this will create  
> issues with native gem extensions, like MySQL ones.
> – completely removing the Typo installer, only leaving sources, and  
> a list of dependencies. Since gem install now completely fullfills  
> them, I won't care at all about what happens.
> – having typosphere.org redirecting to wordpress.com since it's what  
> people here want, mostly spending time crying and complaining, and  
> eventually thinking you can play the BOFH without knowing how to  
> play with UNIX.
> – just starting something else, leaving the project dead, just like  
> it was when I took over it.

It's bizarre, isn't it, how angry people get when you give them  
software for free?

It takes months of hard work to create something like Typo and many  
more to keep it useful and up to date, and then people fling angry  
messages around and make insulting remarks because they had to install  
a database driver, or because the software didn't allow for the fact  
that they've got no idea what they're doing. Half the time I think  
they just use these mailing lists to work off some aggression.

In my opinion, open source doesn't mean 'free', it means 'shared'.  
Shared ownership, shared workload, shared responsibility.  If someone  
gives you grief it's perfectly acceptable for you to reply 'so fix  
it'. If they can't fix it, or document it, or whatever it is that's  
required, then they will have to think about being nice to someone who  

I hope you don't drop the project but I can well understand why you  



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