[typo] Problems with upgrade

Anton J Aylward aja at si.on.ca
Mon Aug 11 12:28:19 EDT 2008

Matijs van Zuijlen said the following on 11/08/08 11:27 AM:

>> Is this set of dependencies (on the compiler etc) declared anywhere?
> The precise set of dependencies will depend on the distribution used.
> That said, some general hints might be a welcome addition to the wiki.

At the very least the set of Ruby dependencies could be made clear.

I asked why I have to go though this - 'this' being installing compiled 
and "-devel" packages from my RPM - to run typo.  Part of the reason I 
asked this was because Typo 4.1.2 needs sqlite3-ruby-1.2.2 when I 
already had sqlite3-ruby-1.2.1 installed.  That is why it required the 
compiler etc.  All my other ruby applications were running fine with 
sqlite3-ruby-1.2.1, and the need to upgrade that was not documented and 
was not made clear in this thread.

I'm still hoping for an explanation of this change and why its not an 
artefact of one of the developers choices in packaging rather than a 
functional necessity.

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