[typo] Problems with upgrade

Matijs van Zuijlen matijs at matijs.net
Mon Aug 11 11:27:54 EDT 2008

Anton J Aylward wrote:
> Matijs van Zuijlen said the following on 04/08/08 08:55 PM:
>> Hi Anton,
> Hi, and thanks.  No, realy, I'm grateful someone finally replied.  I was
> getting frustrated.  (Still am actually!)
> This was my 4th or fifth post about problems with this version of Typo.
> I'd tried upgrading my site first - MISTAKE! - and have a number of
> posts about that.  Perhaps you'd care to look back over them and comment
> on that content as the experience was a bit different from this attempt
> to install Typo on my laptop

Sorry, I never use the typo installer for my own site. The current_user
method should be defined in

>> Ah, an rpm based distro. Probably you need to install the -dev package
>> for libmysql as well.
> I really don't like this.
> Why should I have to install an application development package just to
> install Typo?  Will I have to install a compiler and possibly YACC/LEX
> as well.
> Please guys, this is a bit of a heavy load.

Unfortunately, that's a result of Ruby's packaging system. Many people
don't like that, including people who package software for the distros.
Not much the typo developers can do about it though.

> Is this set of dependencies (on the compiler etc) declared anywhere?

The precise set of dependencies will depend on the distribution used.
That said, some general hints might be a welcome addition to the wiki.

> Why do I have to go though this if I only want to use Typo with sqlite3

That, I cannot answer :-). Looking at the source repository, I see that
the dependency was changed at the same time the default database changed.

>> The typo gem requires 'rails-app-installer', I'm guessing you need to
>> install that gem.
> Is that dependency declared anywhere?
> Oh, right, let me guess, if I'd installed with the GEM it would have
> dragged that dependency in.

Well, once you go by the 'non-default' route, your on you own ;-).

> My "other" blog is Wordpress & I didn't have this problem upgrading that.

Well, there _was_ a whole thread on this mailing list recently about
installing PHP (Worpress is written in that) vs Ruby & Rails, so I wont
get into that :-):

> Originally preferred Typo to Wordpress, now I'm having my doubts.
> I'm really disappointed in this "upgrade".  When I started using Typo
> two years ago (26/08/06 08:54 PM) I had none of these problems, neither
> on my laptop nor on Dreamhost (once they got Ruby 1.8.4 up).  It was the
> slickness and ease of installation & configuration that impressed me
> back them.

It's a pity that changed.

> PostScript:
> I just installed 'libmysql-devel' using urpmi, the normal and
> recommended method, and 'gem install typo' still fails.

Am I correct in assuming from your later mails that you managed to get
this to work?

> I seriously think you need to reconsider what it takes for an ordinary
> non-development user to install Typo.

I'm just visiting :-).


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