[typo] Problems with upgrade

Anton J Aylward aja at si.on.ca
Sat Aug 9 10:12:47 EDT 2008

Anton J Aylward said the following on 09/08/08 09:35 AM:
>> If it returns nothing, then something went wrong during the install  
>> process since you MUST have the default blog created at install.
> OK, so (a) why would that have happened?  I didn't record it but the 
> install didn't report any errors.  (b) What to do about it.

Well, regardless of the 'why', I tried the 'what' by creating a Blog#1 
record from the database I had eventually got working on my laptop - 
skipping the URL.

Some progress.  Accessing the /admin on the live site running on 
Dreamhost got me a registration screen.  I filled that in and submitted 
... and got a 50.

This time the logs said:

Processing AccountsController#signup (for at 2008-08-09 
06:38:31) [GET]
   Session ID: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
   Parameters: {"action"=>"signup", "controller"=>"accounts"}
Rendering template within layouts/accounts
Rendering accounts/signup
Completed in 0.15706 (6 reqs/sec) | Rendering: 0.14986 (95%) | DB: 
0.00000 (0%) | 200 OK [http://emergence.antonaylward.com/accounts/signup]

Processing AccountsController#signup (for at 2008-08-09 
06:39:12) [POST]
   Session ID: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
   Parameters: {"user"=>{"name"=>"Anton Aylward", 
"password_confirmation"=>"xxxxxxxx", "login"=>"anton", 
"password"=>"xxxxxx", "email"=>"anton at si.on.ca"}, 
"authenticity_token"=>"ade40a66166b4f66de", "action"=>"signup", 
Unable to send notification of create user email: 

ActionView::TemplateError (private method `gsub' called for 
nil:NilClass) on line #6 of notification_mailer/_mail_footer.html.erb:
3: <p><em>This is being sent to <%=h @user.name %> because you asked to 
be notified via email whenever
4: new content is posted to  <a href="<%= @blog.base_url%>"><%= 
@blog.blog_name %></a>
5: To unsubscribe, go to
6: <a href="<%= @link_url = @blog.url_for(:controller => '/admin/users', 
:action => 'edit', :id => @user.id) %>"><%=h @link_url%></a>
7: and change your user settings.</p>

     app/models/blog.rb:9:in `initialize'
     app/models/blog.rb:138:in `new'
     app/models/blog.rb:138:in `url_for'

Am I to conclude that Blog.base_url is critical?
For some reason that bothers me.
If I fill that in now and Dreamhost reorganizes their machine structure 
or recovers from a crash and my account ends up on a machine with a 
different IP then thigns are broken, right?

This seems a fragile design decision.
A distracted figure with a huge bushy beard blunders in just as you 
speak the word of ancient magic. The man wears loose clothing, and an 
expression of intense concentration. He is clutching his frizzy hair 
with one hand; his other hand grips an intricate grid - the object of 
his attention.

His eyes brighten the word you've spoken reaches his ears. "Yes! Yes! 
That's it!" he exclaims as he draws out a pen and fills in a row of 
squares. "Now my hyperconstrained, double-acrostic, cryptic crossword is 
complete, and ready to puzzle others. That was all I needed - just a 
simple five-letter word, composed only of the letters 'X' 'Y' and 'Z,' 
that would fit here!"

He grips your hand and shakes it fervently. "Thank you! Now that I've 
finished with that, I can get on to those other things I've been meaning 
to do, such as monkey-wrenching the demolition and saving recreational 
linguistics for future generations." He turns away and mutters, just 
before he departs, "I hope none of that will involve lying in front of a 

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