[typo] Which versions of Ruby work with Typo 5.1.2?

Geoffrey Sisson ruby-forum-incoming at andreas-s.net
Sat Aug 9 05:05:50 EDT 2008

de Villamil Frédéric wrote:

> first, sorry for not replying faster, I was in holliday and got
> internet access only tonight.

Thanks for the reply.  No apology needed.

> I'm currently using Ruby Enterprise Edition (the name really sucks),
> which is developped by the guys from mod_rails. It fixes the ruby
> security vuln while not breaking everything, which is just what I
> needed.

ruby-enterprise-1.8.6-20080709 works fine, thanks!

A warning to anyone who may try Ruby Enterprise: don't specify /usr 
(or/usr/local) as the target installation directory.  Otherwise 
installer.rb will run "sed" on all files in /usr/bin (or /usr/local/bin) 
and convert preexisting shell/Perl/Python/etc. scripts to Ruby scripts. 
I've sent a bug report Phusion.
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