[typo] Problems with upgrade

Anton J Aylward aja at si.on.ca
Thu Aug 7 11:02:51 EDT 2008

de Villamil Frédéric said the following on 06/08/08 03:51 PM:
> This is not a Typo but rails issue: to use a Rails application, you  
> need a database driver, ie ruby mysql driver. That's the reason why  
> you needed so much dependencies. In an ideal world, your distro would  
> embed a package named ruby-mysql with the proper driver, or anything  
> else. The problem is Rails gem has its own dependencies system which  
> differs from RPM and you won't register Typo MySQL gem with rpm and  
> the contrary.

Well I loaded up all the database "-devel" RPMs and got typo to install.
I still think this dependency should be documented and the justification 
for the later version of the database interfaces explained.  Perhaps 
even a way to fall back...

So, that done I try to set up typo ...
That fails still

[anton at laptop Ruby]$ mkdir typo-5.1.2; mkdir typo-5.1.2/db
[anton at laptop Ruby]$ typo install typo-5.1.2/db/emerge database=sqlite3
  Installing typo 5.1.2
`connect': undefined method `yml' for RailsInstaller::Database:Class 
         from /usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/typo-5.1.2/bin/typo:93
         from /usr/bin/typo:19:in `load'
         from /usr/bin/typo:19

System Integrity Revisited
  Rebecca T. Mercuri and Peter G. Neumann
  Inside Risks 127, CACM 44, 1 January 2001

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