[typo] strange handling of tags that use the '.' character

de Villamil Frédéric frederic at de-villamil.com
Wed Aug 6 15:57:41 EDT 2008

Le 6 août 08 à 19:23, Chris Dagdigian a écrit :

> Hi folks,
> I've been running http://gridengine.info off of Typo for a while  
> now, thanks for a nice package!
> Because my site tracks a particular open source software product I  
> sometimes need to put version numbers into article tags for easy  
> characterizing.
> Prior to the most recent Typo upgrade, tags like "6.3" did not work  
> at all, something about Rails or Typo can't handle the "." character.
> Now running the latest Typo I see something odd ...
> Tags that use multiple "." characters get remapped to "-":
> 6.2.0 becomes a tag called "6-2-0" on Typo
> But a tag named "6.2" is left unmodified, with no funky rewriting.
> As a test that proves the issue I added tags for "6.2.0" and "6.2"  
> to the following post:
> http://gridengine.info/2008/08/06/t-shirt-contest
> ... the "6.2.0" tag is handled via changing "." to "-" but the "6.2"  
> tag is left unchanged and does not work.
> Is the use of "." chars in tags an issue with Rails in general or  
> should I write up an Issue against the Typo issue tracker?
> -Chris


first, sorry for not replying faster, I was in holliday and got  
internet access only tonight. Trying to answer the pile of mails  
that's waiting for me.

This all comes from a basic thing I forgot to do before releasing.

I was quite pissed off with Typo not andling my cool web2.0 tag just  
because it was actually looking for a web2.0 file, and not for a page  
named web2.0. So I added the same behaviour as categories : replace  
the '.' with a '-' which actually works. I just incidentaly forgot to  
do a proper migration to change your '.' in '-' with the proper 301  
redirects. I add this to the TODO for the 5.1.3 bugfix release which  
may come as soon as I'm really back from holliday.


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