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Le 30 juil. 08 à 20:11, Tim Prentis a écrit :

> My environment is Rails 2.0.2, TYPO 5.1.1. running at RailsPlayground
> using the Victor Persson's Dirtylicious theme
> Can someone steer me in the correct direction?  I can upload
> files/attachments and see them in the admin "manage uploads" feature.
> I can also associate uploads with articles when I edit articles(i.e.
> posts).
> The problem: I cannot figure out how to make these 'uploads' visible  
> as
> attachments with the articles(i.e. posts) by simply using the TYPO
> administration features.
> Do I need to modify the default layout or one of the views?  Any ideas
> are greatly appreciated.


first, sorry for not replying faster, I was in holliday and got  
internet access only tonight. Trying to answer the pile of mails  
that's waiting for me.

The way attachments was designed on Typo has always been a mistery to  
me, and I didn't want to break it – yet – because it actually had a  

– uploading via admin/content/new attaches files to the post, but they  
will only be displayed in the rss / atom feed. This is intended to be  
used for podcasts.
– uploading via admin/resources/new does not attach files to a post.  
To you them, you need to c/p the attachment url and do a link /  
object / whatever. Pictures uploaded this way can be found with the  
images management button of the FCKEditor.

To display articles from your theme, do in your theme somthing like :

@article.ressources.each |foo| do
	link_to foo.filename, "#{this_blog.default_url}/#{foo.filename}"


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