[typo] strange handling of tags that use the '.' character

Chris Dagdigian dag at sonsorol.org
Wed Aug 6 13:23:03 EDT 2008

Hi folks,

I've been running http://gridengine.info off of Typo for a while now,  
thanks for a nice package!

Because my site tracks a particular open source software product I  
sometimes need to put version numbers into article tags for easy  

Prior to the most recent Typo upgrade, tags like "6.3" did not work at  
all, something about Rails or Typo can't handle the "." character.

Now running the latest Typo I see something odd ...

Tags that use multiple "." characters get remapped to "-":

6.2.0 becomes a tag called "6-2-0" on Typo

But a tag named "6.2" is left unmodified, with no funky rewriting.

As a test that proves the issue I added tags for "6.2.0" and "6.2" to  
the following post:


... the "6.2.0" tag is handled via changing "." to "-" but the "6.2"  
tag is left unchanged and does not work.

Is the use of "." chars in tags an issue with Rails in general or  
should I write up an Issue against the Typo issue tracker?


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