[typo] Which versions of Ruby work with Typo 5.1.2?

Geoffrey Sisson ruby-forum-incoming at andreas-s.net
Tue Aug 5 05:05:32 EDT 2008

Cyril Mougel wrote:

> I use a ruby 1.8.6-p230 with Typo 5.1.2 and I haven't any problem. All 
> works

Cyril, are you using Rails 2.0.2?

When I use Ruby 1.8.6-p230 and Rails 2.0.2 and then create a new 
instance of Typo, the resulting dispatch.cgi crashes immediately upon 

$ ./dispatch.cgi
*** glibc detected *** ruby: free(): invalid pointer: 0x085510d0 ***
======= Backtrace: =========

I'm running on Debian GNU/Linux 4.0r4 (etch), FWIW.
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