[typo] Which versions of Ruby work with Typo 5.1.2?

Geoffrey Sisson ruby-forum-incoming at andreas-s.net
Mon Aug 4 20:25:50 EDT 2008

Does anyone have Typo running with a version of Ruby more recent than
1.8.6-p114?  This version has known vulnerabilities, as reported here:


I've tried with all the most recent versions of Ruby 1.8 -- 1.8.7-p22,
1.8.6-p230 and 1.8.5-p231 -- but these all seem to cause Typo to crash
in one place or another (the crash with 1.8.7-p22 is documented as Issue
1243 [1]).  I'm using Rails 2.0.2 and mysql gem 2.7.

I'd really like to use Typo, but am reluctant to do so if it can only be
run insecurely.

[1] http://typosphere.org/projects/typo/issues
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