[typo] Problems with upgrade

Anton J Aylward aja at si.on.ca
Fri Aug 1 13:40:34 EDT 2008

Anton J Aylward said the following on 29/07/08 01:01 PM:
> Anton J Aylward said the following on 29/07/08 10:42 AM:
>> A manual "rake db:migrate" completes OK.
> But it doesn't like my theme!
> (dual sidebar --
> http://blog.emarm.com/articles/2006/08/09/multiple-sidebars-in-typo)
> I thought that if I logged in as admin I could change the theme, but I
> get a 500 on that.
> NoMethodError (undefined method `current_user=' for
> #<AccountsController:0x42659c84>):
>       /app/controllers/accounts_controller.rb:8:in `login'

I've tried doing a clean install of a new 'site' rather than an upgrade 
and I still get this error.

Am I supposed to have some other gem or plugin installed to deal with 
the ID/authentication?

I also get

ActionView::TemplateError (Couldn't find template file for 
/sidebars/sidebar/_content in ["~/typo5/themes/typographic/views", 
"/~typo5/app/views"]) on
line #27 of themes/typographic/layouts/default.html.erb:
24:       <%= render :partial => 'shared/search' %>
26:       <!-- sidebar components -->
27:       <%= render_sidebars %>
28:     </div>
30:     <div id="content">

Which I find difficult to understand.
I though 'typographic' was the default layout and so would be fully 
supplied.  Alternatively I don't understand why the engine isn't looking 
  and finding ~/typo5/app/view/sidebars

Perhaps because its 'sidebar' rather than than 'sidebars'?

$ ls typo5/app/views/
accounts/  articles/  layouts/  notification_mailer/  shared/   theme/
admin/     comments/  live/     settings/             sidebar/  xml/
$ ls typo5/app/views/sidebar/
_row.html.erb  _sidebar.html.erb  display_plugins.html.erb  show.html.erb

No, we need an extra level in there.

How come this happens to me?  How come I haven't seen mention of this in 
the bug reports?

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