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Frederic de Villamil frederic at de-villamil.com
Sat Apr 12 02:15:35 EDT 2008

Le 11 avr. 08 à 21:23, Matt Rose a écrit :

> Has anyone done this?  I was just perusing my database directly for
> comments, and thinking.  Damn, there must be an easier way.  And then
> I thought of a sidebar plugin.  I haven't written one since my planet
> plugin was *way* too slow. I pretty much have the rails code in my
> head for it right now, but I'd hate to re-invent the wheel.  Maybe
> this'll get me to upgrade to 5.0 finally.
> Matt


You have a list of avaliable plugins (well, the ones I've heard of) at http://typosphere.org/articles/2007/08/26/typo-plugins-directory


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