[typo] Newbie Question 1: Access control to Typo blogs

Nick Rich nrich123 at mac.com
Tue Oct 30 07:53:51 EDT 2007


Apologies - this is probably a stupid newbie question..


I have an ADSL connection, a domain, and a spare box running Mac OS  
X . I am teaching myself some Ruby and Ruby on Rails (hobby only)
so Typo looked like a fun choice for some blogging software. Thanks,  

I have downloaded and installed latest   Apache 2.2 , Mongrel  
(cluster), Ruby, Rails, Typo, Postgresql and friends.

Apache is thus set up as the front webserver, proxying requests to  
mongrel instances.

I have set up 3 blogs which live in /Local/Sites/blog1,  /Local/Sites/ 
blog2, &  /Local/Sites/blog3.

They are served up by http://blogs.mydomain.com/blog1, http:// 
blogs.mydomain.com/blog2, http://blogs.mydomain.com/blog3,

I would like blog1 to be private to a small group of users for  
posting and reading.  Blogs 2 and 3 are eventually for public reading  

Typo admin seems to control write access but leave read access open.

The question is: should I use Apache to control access, and if so how  
does that fit with Typo,  or am I misunderstanding what Typo does?

Many thanks for any assistance.



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