[typo] Caching Issues

Jason jasonivers at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 6 11:25:16 EST 2007

> I seem to be having a caching issue with Typo.  It appears that it gets caught
> in a loop when attempting to expire articles from the cache.

I disabled caching in the articles controller and the admin content controller,
and I'm no longer having the caching problem (due to not actually using
caching), but I think I've found closer to where the problem is that was causing

When I try to save a new article, it gets stuck on calling the before_save
filter(set_published_at) over and over again, and never gets to the after_save
filter(keywords_to_tags), so apparently it's not saving for some reason and
keeps trying over and over again. I also had it print self.errors.full_messages
to the log from the articles model, and it appears to be empty.

So again, any help would be appreciated... just let me know what info you need
from me.


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