[typo] how to reset the base_url value?

Nathan Fiedler nfiedler at bluemarsh.com
Sat May 26 16:10:24 EDT 2007

I may be wrong about the admin page "clear cache" link. I just changed 
the base URL in the admin screen, saved the settings, then cleared the 
cache, and after reloading the blog view, the links were fine. Maybe 
then it is just the rake task that wasn't working?

Sorry if this is not helpful, I just wanted to clear that issue.

Thanks for Typo, it's terrific.


Nathan Fiedler wrote:
> Yes, I did hit the button on the admin page, too.
> I believe to reproduce this:
> 1. Set up a Typo instance, start (using Mongrel).
> 2. Access using the "localhost:8000" address and configure for use.
> 3. Create a blog entry.
> 4. Realize the problem, change the base_url value.
> 5. Restart, try clearing the cache, etc. -> links still use old value.
> 6. Manually remove the files in tmp/cache -> links now use new value.

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