[typo] how to reset the base_url value?

Frederic de Villamil neuro at 7el.net
Sat May 26 01:50:37 EDT 2007

Le 26 mai 07 à 00:20, nfiedler at bluemarsh.com a écrit :

> Hello all,
> I recently set up Typo 4.1.1 and made the mistake of accessing it  
> via one
> of the mongrel instances at "localhost:8000", so now Typo seems to  
> think
> that this is the default base URL for about half of the links. That  
> is,
> after posting a few articles, when I view my blog, some of the  
> links are
> to "localhost:8000" and some of them are for "www.bluemarsh.com"
> (permalink and tags links are "localhost:8000", but archives and  
> syndicate
> links are okay).
> BTW, I found the 'blogs' table and changed the 'base_url' value, then
> restarted everything, and cleared the cache several times, but  
> still the
> same links are wrong.
> So how do I change all of the occurrences of "localhost:8000" to  
> reference
> the proper domain name?
> Thanks
> n

Log in the admin panel, and change it to what you wnat, save your  
settings and here you are.


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