[typo] Return to initial admin setup

Capacio, Paula J PCAPACIO at amfam.com
Fri May 25 15:33:16 EDT 2007

Hello, I'm VERY new to Ruby, Rails, MySQL and Typo. In other words,
please be kind; I have no idea WTH I'm doing. ;-) I did try searching
this mail list for answers before posting, though so I am trying!  
I installed InstantRails which came bundled with Typo 2.6.0.  I followed
the instructions from InstantRails and edited the
C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts file to include a virtual host of typo so that it could be launched using HTTP://typo and the
first time admin dialogue began.  I did this a few days ago and now when
I try to access the app it asks for a login/password.  I have no idea
what I set that to.  Is there a way to figure out what I set that to? If
not, since I have no posts as of yet, what is the easiest way to return
to the initial state?
Thanks in advance, 

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