[typo] cache mechanism in production mode

Alex Deva alxx at indigenious.ro
Tue May 15 07:30:23 EDT 2007

On May 15, 2007, at 2:23 PM, Frederic de Villamil wrote:

> Le 15 mai 07 à 12:02, Alex Deva a écrit :
>> I'm not very sure how the caching works with Typo, but it certainly
>> doesn't work the same if in production or development mode.
>> In development, everything works as expected; however, in production
>> mode, pages in cache don't expire when they should. I changed the
>> default template to show login/logout links, and the name of
>> whoever's logged in at the moment, and unless I clear the cache
>> manually, it shows the user as logged in even after he logs out, and
>> viceversa. Again, this only happens in production mode. If I disable
>> caching, things work fine.
>> Any insights?
> 2 points :
> – there's no cache in dev mode.

That, I didn't know.

> – caching is caching and it won't clear when you change your
> template, but only when you change the database, which is a tandard
> behaviour. Do not consider Typo as a website but as a web
> application, which means a different behaviour regarding things like
> page generation or... caching.

I didn't mean to say that. I meant to say that I had made the  
template to show session[:user], in order to test the caching. After  
I did that, I noticed that regardless of the actual value in session 
[:user], the same page was rendered. Indeed, session[:user] isn't  
stored by Rails in the database, but in memory (afaik), but still it  
doesn't seem right.

For Typo to consider that things like the session object do not  
change between renderings -- and therefore trigger a cache flush --  
actually makes it look more like a website (where everything is  
considered as static, so it's ok to cache rendered pages)...

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