[typo] cache mechanism in production mode

Frederic de Villamil neuro at 7el.net
Tue May 15 07:23:25 EDT 2007

Le 15 mai 07 à 12:02, Alex Deva a écrit :

> I'm not very sure how the caching works with Typo, but it certainly
> doesn't work the same if in production or development mode.
> In development, everything works as expected; however, in production
> mode, pages in cache don't expire when they should. I changed the
> default template to show login/logout links, and the name of
> whoever's logged in at the moment, and unless I clear the cache
> manually, it shows the user as logged in even after he logs out, and
> viceversa. Again, this only happens in production mode. If I disable
> caching, things work fine.
> Any insights?

2 points :
– there's no cache in dev mode.
– caching is caching and it won't clear when you change your  
template, but only when you change the database, which is a tandard  
behaviour. Do not consider Typo as a website but as a web  
application, which means a different behaviour regarding things like  
page generation or... caching.


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