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Frederic de Villamil neuro at 7el.net
Sun May 6 06:22:51 EDT 2007

Le 6 mai 07 à 11:44, Piers Cawley a écrit :

> I have, in my local directory a rewrite of the whole ContentState
> debacle. The State pattern is definitely the way to go for handling
> publication state; dealing with the kind of tangled conditional logic
> that we'd have to replace the state objects with gives me the heebie
> jeebies.
> However, as I'm sure anyone who's looked at the existing code will
> agree, what we have good be a good deal better. The problem is that I
> got seduced by the (oh so handy but not quite what I need) existence
> of ActiveRecord::Base.composed_of and instead of writing my own class
> method to handle marshalling state objects to and from the database, I
> used what Rails provided.
> When you find yourself overriding 'new', it's probably a good time to
> take a good hard think about what you're trying to achieve.
> Anyhoo. A few days ago I was taking part in a discussion about
> eliminating conditional code on a blog[1] and I found myself sketching
> a rather nicer way of setting up state objects.
> So, I've implemented it in typo and I must say I'm rather pleased with
> it - I expect to be committing it soon, once I've given it a more
> The has_state method deals with all the composed_of type ugliness and
> setting up instantiation of state objects and method delgation, and we
> can get rid of nasties like ContentState::Factory, which can only be a
> good thing.
> 1. http://giantrobots.thoughtbot.com/2007/5/1/coding-without-ifs

Sounds really nice to e. When do you think you'll have it in the  
trunk ? I was planning to release 4.1.1 today, but I can wait until  
tuesday for this and the romanian translation file if I can catch it  
on time.


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