[typo] localization in general, Romanian localization file

Alex Deva alxx at indigenious.ro
Sat May 5 11:41:34 EDT 2007


A. I'm not sure who to tell about this, but I've created a  
localization file in Romanian, and I'd like to make it available for  
inclusion in the next release. Will an administrator tell me where to  
send my lang/ro_RO.rb please? :)

Incidentally, I've also fixed a few other files whose strings weren't  
localized. At the time I'm writing this mail, they are:

I'll keep on patching them. If anyone's interested, I can make them  
available too.

B. Another thing which is, in my opinion, not very nice is that there  
are some Javascript strings which can't easily be localized using the  
_() notation. Among others, that's why you'll always see "x hours  
ago" in English, regardless of your configured language.

To fix this, I've done the following 5 steps:

	1. Patched localization.rb by adding:
		def self.all_keys

	2. Added a method in articles_controller.rb:
	  def localized_js

  	    # We only retrieve translations which have to do with the  
Javascript strings; we don't want to overload the browser.
	    js_content = Localization.all_keys.collect { |key| if key =~ / 
^js_(.+)/ ; $1 end }.compact

	    render :content_type => 'text/javascript', :text => 'var  
LocalizedStrings = {' +
	        js_content.collect { |key| lkey="js_#{key}"; "\"#{key}\" :  
\"#{_(lkey)}\"" }.join(', ') +
	        String.prototype.localize = function() {
	                var s;
	                if(LocalizedStrings && (s=LocalizedStrings[this]) )  
return s;
	                return this;

	3. Added a line in the default.rhtml of the active theme (maybe  
there's a better place for this, but I couldn't find it yet):
		<script src="/articles/localized_js" type="text/javascript"></script>

	4. Added translations in the file like this:
		l.store 'js_hours', 'ore'

	5. In all Javascript code, I replaced strings like this:
		Before: "hours"
		After: "js_hours".localize()

C. In Romanian (and other languages), words used to express time  
difference from now (like 'ago' and 'from now') prepend the numeral,  
contrary to the English rules. That is why I also had to change some  
logic in the function get_local_time_for_date() (file typo.js) and  
translate 'ago' and 'from now' as the empty string.

That's it for now. Sorry for sending all this in an email. If an  
admin feels I should be submitting these as patches, please tell me  
how. I've only been using Typo for a few hours. Thanks!

   Alex Deva
   Indigenious Development

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