[typo] Spam checking

Piers Cawley pdcawley at bofh.org.uk
Wed Mar 21 06:28:53 EDT 2007

Trejkaz <trejkaz at trypticon.org> writes:

> My installation is getting a bit old so kick me if this was already fixed in 
> the last release or so...
> But I noticed my server machine spinning unusually hard last night and it 
> turned out a guy was trying to flood me with trackback spam.  Lucky 
> trackbacks were disabled so it didn't affect me, but I noticed that even 
> though trackbacks are disabled, Typo was still going through the full spam 
> check cycle rather than just outright rejecting the trackback.
> Is that normal?

Fixed in the latest version. I hope.

Piers Cawley <pdcawley at bofh.org.uk>

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