[typo] use cases behind single/multi-blog support

Chris Dagdigian dag at sonsorol.org
Tue Mar 6 16:24:20 EST 2007

My $.02 ...

On Mar 6, 2007, at 3:39 PM, Brody Pierre wrote:

> Most bloggers don't want to run their own server-side software --  
> they want a hosted solution , along with user self-registration and  
> differentiation of blogs by URL path.

The authors of Typo did not  have the above audience in mind. Nor are  
they particularly interested in building solutions to problems that  
they don't have - they have plenty of work already. heh.

I'm not a developer or contributor, just a happy end-user.

 From lurking on this list for a while, I get the impression that  
Typo was written to scratch a particular itch and that Typo became  
useful and useable enough for others to pick up and start using as  
well.  The authors wrote it for themselves and shared it with others,  
most of whom were running locally hosted "single" blogs at the time.   
This topic has come up quite a bit in the past and the general  
consensus was that "multi-blog" support was not something that any of  
the core developers had any sort of urgent need for or interest in.

Typo's roadmap was motivated by the needs and interests of the core  
contributors rather than market research and use-case polls. As it  
happened, nobody was particularly interested in "multi-blog" stuff,  
especially as other blogging engines are already doing that quite  
well.  This could easily change (or not) in the future.

Apologies if I'm putting words in authors mouths ...


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