[typo] is it possible to integrate with an existing rails application?

Andrew Hodgkinson ahodgkin at rowing.org.uk
Sun Jun 24 08:47:47 EDT 2007

Piers Cawley wrote:

> On 22/06/07, Liam Morley <imotic at gmail.com> wrote:
>> [...]
>> I have an existing rails application, and I'd really like to use typo- is
>> there a best practice for integrating typo with an existing application?
> Not so far as I know, but we'd be very grateful for any documentation
> you care to write for us after you've done it. Try to make sure your
> routes don't clash.

I decided it was simplest to run two applications side by side, rather 
than try to produce a hybrid. This requires the ability to run Typo and 
your other Rails application(s) from non-root locations. I wrote up the 
details on the Rails wiki here:


If you want to keep gems in more than one repository (e.g. to sandbox 
gems required by a specific application), have a look at this:


There are many ways to achieve tight integration between applications. 
One possible approach is described at the document given below. That's a 
work in progress and already very long, but then, it does try to describe 
the process in a lot of detail:


The site on which the document is hosted is a real-world example of the 
approach it describes. It shows the integration of Typo, Radiant, Beast, 
Collaboa, I2 and a few other bits and pieces into one consistent site 
under a single domain name. Source code to everything is available from 
the same site.

If you think this method is worth pursuing and have any questions, please 
don't hesitate to ask either on the mailing list if relevant to Typo, by 
private e-mail, or in the forum on the RISC OS Open web site.

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