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Chris Patti cpatti at gmail.com
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On 6/20/07, John Browning <listguy at poplar.com> wrote:
> Please forgive what may be a stupid question...
> I'm new to typo and trying to post with markdown from textmate via
> the blogging bundle. The post goes through fine, but the markdown
> filter is not automatically applied. If I root around in the admin
> interface and edit the post to apply the markdown filter manually,
> all is fine. Is there any way -- possibly something obvious I've
> missed -- to apply the markdown filter to xmlrpc posts automatically?
> (I've set markdown with smartypants as the default from the admin
> interface, and that works fine from markdown posted from there;
> similarly html from textmate seems to work OK...)
> Alternatively, if there is no easy way, does anybody have pointers/
> advice to the appropriate code to start work on a work-around/
> solution? (presumably somewhere in the meta_weblog_service.api?)
> Thanks for any time and advice...
> allbests,

Not a stupid question at all!

I had to find this out the hard way.

What you want is to add the line:

Format: Markdown

Into your headers.  The easiest way to make this happen by default is to run
TextMate and choose File -> New From Template -> Edit Templates from the
menu, click on the arrow next to the Blogging -> Blog Post (Markdown)
template, then double click on the untitled.blog.markdown document you'll
see there.

Now, just add the Format: Markdown line right after the Title: header.

That's it, you're in business.  Any new Blogging Markdown posts you create
will have the header like and will make typo DWIM.

If this requirement is documented anywhere, I couldn't find it, and I'd love
to be pointed at it if it exists :)


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