[typo] Lightbox macro in Typo 4.1.1

Thomas Guest thomas.guest at gmail.com
Tue Jun 19 06:56:37 EDT 2007

Rodger Donaldson <rodgerd <at> diaspora.gen.nz> writes:

> A question about lightbox functionality: I'm using a scribblish-based
> theme on a web site, and have the <%= page_header %> declaration, as
> required.
> Using the standard syntax per the macro documentation:
> <typo:lightbox src="/files/myimage.png" thumbsrc="/files/myimage-thumb.png"/>
> ...does not extrude beautiful pop-up images in all their glory; on the
> contrary, the macro doesn't appear to be expanded at all, and appears
> in the dcument verbatim.  This, of course, means the lightbox stuff
> doesn't work.  What, then, am I missing?

I'm wondering if this is related to a similar problem I reported recently with
<typo:code>...</typo:code> filters?

If you create a page containing something like:

int main()
    return 0;

then does the typo:code macro get expanded? (Sorry, I don't have a more helpful
answer to the question!)

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