[typo] Typo being slow after new posts

Toby Bryans toby-typo at bryans.org
Thu Jun 7 05:44:35 EDT 2007


On 7 Jun 2007, at 10:32, Piers Cawley wrote:
> One minute's pretty extreme to render a page - do you know what kind
> of load the system is under? (There have been cases when the system
> takes a long time to respond to a change because it's taking a long
> time to flush the cache - and cache flushing is on mental 'to be
> fixed' list, but it doesn't usually take so long to render a page...
> What sidebars are you using? Are many of them based on RSS feeds?

I'm not sure if this is related but since 4.1 I have noticed similar  
behaviour. I have three static sidebar entries and I have had cause  
to change them occasionally. I have noticed that the first time I  
make a change it is quick as you like, but if I make a second change  
without reloading the page then the progress indicator keeps  
spinning. However, if I reload the page between changes then it is  
fine. The sidebars I have enabled are:

Static x3
XML Syndication


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