[typo] Typo Running Very Slowly

Mitch Pirtle mitch at spacemonkeylabs.com
Tue Jul 31 16:50:05 EDT 2007

Quoting Eamon Ford <eamonford at mac.com>, who spaketh thusly:

> Thanks for the info! I tried running "typo config" to tell it to use
> port 80, but then it just won't start up. Also, I noticed that when I
> run "typo start" instead of "script/server, it's much faster, and  even
> acceptable. :) So, I guess that eliminates the performance  problem, if
> only I can figure out how to run it on port 80. Any ideas?

Ok, so if you are in the top-level directory for your typo site, you  
should be able to type:

   typo config . port=80

And that should set your port to 80. If you then type:

   typo start .

Then you should have a typo running on port 80. If there are errors,  
maybe posting them here so we can try to see what is happening?

-- Mitch

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