[typo] Typo Running Very Slowly

Mitch Pirtle mitch at spacemonkeylabs.com
Tue Jul 31 08:43:31 EDT 2007

On Jul 30, 2007, at 23:22 , Eamon Ford wrote:

> Forgot to mention: I'm using "script/server" instead of "typo  
> start", because I need to be able to run Typo on port 80.

Not that this will help your performance issues, but you can run  
"typo config" to tell it to use port 80, and then you're back to  
running like the rest of us ;-) Here's an oldie but a goodie:


First off, when debugging performance issues I always try to  
determine where the problem lies, in the following categories:

* disk - is there enough, is there a lot of activity (more than  
should be)
* memory - is there enough available, is there excessive swapping
* cpu - is there enough available, is there excessive or heavy load

If you're lucky, one of those three will identify the source of your  
problem and you can react accordingly. If there are no issues on  
those three points and you're still having performance issues, then  
you might want to check your mysqld setup - first by running the test  
scripts that should have come with the distribution, and then from  
another application that also uses mysqld. Also check your  
environment.yml to be sure you are using a socket for your  
connections (mysqld will *always* be faster on localhost with sockets).

Another area to check is your versions, what version of ruby, ruby- 
mysql, and so on...

Hopefully that is enough for you to find the issue at least, and if  
not please report back :-)

-- Mitch, hoping he's helpful
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