[typo] Invalid RSS feed

Adam Gill adamgill1 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 20 06:15:11 EDT 2007

I'm having some trouble with my Typo blog's RSS feed 
(http://blog.gillspatch.co.uk/xml/rss20/feed.xml). The feed validator 
shows the following error: 

Basically, within the "<author>" tags, whatever script generates the xml 
file is putting my username/display name/etc. ("Gilly")  instead of my 
email address. RSS 2.0 specifications say that an email address should 
be within the "<author>" tags, so this is obviously a problem.

There are two ways of fixing this. One way is to edit the file that 
generates the xml file so that my email address is inserted within the 
"<author>" tags, and the other is to edit it so that the "<author>" tag 
itself is replaced by the "<dc:creator>" tag, so the line in the file 
would look like "<dc:creator>Gilly</dc:creator>".

Unfortunately, I don't know how to do either. Can anyone give me some 
advice so I can generate a valid RSS feed?

Adam Gill

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