[typo] Comments crash Typo 4.0.2

richard apodaca rich_apodaca at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 3 17:38:52 EDT 2007

I've suddenly started having problems with comments
crashing Typo-4.0.2. After a comment it posted, typo
hangs until a proxy error is returned.

This started happening about 3 or 4 days ago. Any

Here's the tail of my log:

Processing ArticlesController#comment (for X.X.X.X at
2007-07-03 16:27:12) [POST]
  Session ID: 3c2e63a8ecf15be1563462baf060b26b
  Parameters: {"commit"=>"Submit",
"action"=>"comment", "id"=>"249",
"comment"=>{"body"=>"testing...", "author"=>"Rich
Apodaca", "url"=>"http://depth-first.com",
[SP] Scanning IP X.X.X.X


Richard Apodaca
Blog: http://depth-first.com

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