[typo] Typo and Rails 1.2.1

Jake Good jake at whoisjake.com
Fri Jan 26 13:26:15 EST 2007

Well... there were a few things I had to change....

1) the Flickr plugin API key was bad, so I used my own...
2) I used Markdown with Smartypants on Typo... so I had to hard code  
the conversion script to use smartypants_filter as the value for the  
filter for all incoming articles, it was incorrectly converting from  
3) I added a few rewrite routes in the configuration of Mephisto and  
changed a few variables in the settings (admin site) so that the URLs  
were exactly the same.
4) I also had to ensure that EVERY one of my typo users had an email  
address specified... otherwise it wouldn't work.
5) It also breaks if any of your flickr images (using <typo:flickr>)  
are not there anymore... so I had to change one of my entries  

I wrote up about the routes on my blog:

A few routes I talk about in the article can be configured using path  
prefixes in settings...

I also took the opportunity to bring my feed to feedburner as well,  
did some hard redirects so that blog aggregators updated properly...


On Jan 26, 2007, at 12:18 PM, Ben Reubenstein wrote:

> I have been considering the Mephisto move too.  I actually have it  
> up and running with some of my content migrated.  The script  
> mephisto provided for migration didn't migrate any of my Pages.   
> How did your migration go?

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