[typo] upgrading 2.6 to 4.03

arvind s grover arvind at grovernetwork.com
Mon Feb 19 19:55:28 EST 2007

  I am using Typo 2.6.0 and want/need to upgrade to the most recent  
Typo, Typo 4.0.3 since my web-based admin interface doesn't really  
work anymore.

I tried running the following command:
  /home/admin/rubyapps/typo-4.0.3/bin/typo install /home/admin/ 

and I get the following error:

installer.rb:597:in `find_source_directory': Can't locate version !  
         from /home/admin/gems/gems/rails-app-installer-0.2.0/lib/ 
rails-installer.rb:187:in `install'
         from /home/admin/gems/gems/rails-app-installer-0.2.0/lib/ 
rails-installer/commands.rb:95:in `command'
         from /home/admin/gems/gems/rails-app-installer-0.2.0/lib/ 
rails-installer.rb:646:in `execute_command'
         from /home/admin/rubyapps/typo-4.0.3/bin/typo:39

Any help would be appreciated.


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