[typo] Switch To HAML?

mathew meta at pobox.com
Mon Feb 12 14:10:28 EST 2007

On 2/11/07, Kevin Ballard <kevin at sb.org> wrote:
> Buh? Who edits HTML in an XML editor? Especially since the eRB escapes
> aren't, to my knowledge, real XML escapes and so I should be able to
> construct a valid RHTML file which isn't valid XML.

There are a ton of people who edit HTML in XML-aware editors so that
they can have syntax coloring and other niceties to make the process
less error prone and painful. Are you telling me you don't think
anyone editing RHTML uses BBEdit, vim, emacs, ...?

> Why would you have to learn HAML?

To make the small modifications to themes necessary to implement
OpenID, for starters.


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