[typo] Rails broke typo

Piers Cawley pdcawley at bofh.org.uk
Tue Feb 6 07:27:31 EST 2007

mathew <meta at pobox.com> writes:
> Then, since someone has gone ahead and converted scribbish to that
> HAML crap and I need to be able to add yadis entries to my HTML <head>
> element, I deleted the scribbish subdirectory downloaded from SVN and
> replaced it with the old one from typo 4.
> I repeat my previous comment: either HAML goes, or I do.

Boy, you know how to make friends and influence developers don't you?

For the record, as long as it's impossible to render rhtml partials
from a HAMLized view, then I'm very much inclined to roll back the
experiment of HAMLizing our various themes in favour of simply
supporting people who want to write HAML partials for things like

As a heads up, I'm also thinking about rejigging the sidebar/plugin
architecture and basing it on an event (possibly mixed with DOM
callbacks) driven system.

So a comment gatekeeper plugin would register itself as interested in
post filtering .comment-box to add a "type the results of multiplying
three by 10 here" type challenge and as a before handler
for Article::Controller#comment to check for the presence of the
correct captcha

Textfilters would work in similar fashion, with 'post' filters
registering to manipulate either the whole chunk of formatted text, or
simply specific DOM/XPath entities. Ideally they'd receive a DOM
object rather than simple text, but that's dependent on an
appropriately lightweight parser being available.

The idea here is that most plugins would be operating in
controller/helper space, which means they'd have access to routing and
other helper type tools, and that means we could remove a bunch of
routing type stuff that's currently in the models because the
textfilters need them, and that would be good. I really dislike
duplicating whole chunks of stuff that Rails could/should be doing for

NB, this is currently very sketchy and should not be, in any way,
taken to be a promise or anything more than a back of an envelope
design sketch. Filters, sidebars and other plugins have been bugging
me for a while, there has to be a Better Way, but I'm not entirely
sure what that is yet.

Piers Cawley <pdcawley at bofh.org.uk>

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