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I've already told Kevin about this once on IRC, I'll repeat my point  
of view here.

Using HAML on the default theme is stupid, because people want to  
modify a but their theme and they will just digg into HTML, nothing  

IMHO, HAML is really good for a web application where end users are  
not supposed to modify templates. It should fit well on the admin as  
long as you can't override admin views in themes.

I hope the core team will do a step back and revert default themes as  
RHTML while offering the HAML option.

Le 3 févr. 07 à 16:42, mathew a écrit :

> OK, much as I didn't want to do it, I upgraded to edge typo (rev  
> 1361).
> Took a backup of my data.
> First time through got a heartwarming message from rake migrate:
> == SeparateEntriesAndFeedback: migrating  
> ======================================
> rake aborted!
> This is a more or less untested migration that might lose data.
> Backup before commenting out line 10 of
> db/migrate/058_separate_entries_and_feedback.rb
> I went ahead and commented out line 10, and everything appears to have
> migrated OK.
> Then, since someone has gone ahead and converted scribbish to that
> HAML crap and I need to be able to add yadis entries to my HTML <head>
> element, I deleted the scribbish subdirectory downloaded from SVN and
> replaced it with the old one from typo 4.
> I repeat my previous comment: either HAML goes, or I do.
> mathew
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